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Launching with 3 collections

Member Only Collection

Where exclusivity meets legacy.
As India pursues its golden era of growth and chases its glory, we aim to celebrate our members— the leaders at the heart of this growth story.

For those who wear it, it’s a testament to their individuality and their contribution to the GrowthX legacy.

Vanity Collection

When did vanity become vain?
This bubble of relentless pursuit, might be perceived by people outside the ecosystem as vanity. Yet, if this is vanity, then it is a vanity worth embracing, worth celebrating.

This collection is more than just clothing; it’s about wearing your successes, your journey, your identity with pride. Each vanity is restricted to just 15 masterpieces and only these 15 will ever exist in the world.

Summer Collection

The story of the driven and the dreamer.
As the summer sun grows on us, we find ourselves standing at the cusp of two worlds. One where you want to throw a knife at your OKRs and run away and grab a beer to chill at the beach.

The Summer Collection is born to celebrate our duality.