The Curious Cap

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The “Curious” cap is just not an accessory; it speaks to our curiosity, wondering what’s around the corner, what stories await.

It’s for the dreamers who know that sometimes the best insights come from a random conversation at Third Wave or a book read under an old tree at Cubbon.

This one is designed exclusively for the launch, and is only available in a limited quantity. We will not restock the same piece again, get yours to skip the FOMO.

This summer, flaunt your curiosity. 

Part of the Summer Collection

Story of the driven and the dreamer

As the summer sun grows on us, we find ourselves standing at the cusp of two worlds. Who wouldn't want to throw a knife at our OKRs and run away to grab that chill beer by the beach?

The Summer Collection is born to celebrate our duality. Celebrate who we are outside of our work chair. Our individuality, our dreams and our passions.

This collections and the included limited items will only be available for a limited time period. As they say, summers don't last forever.