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Where exclusivity meets legacy.

As India pursues its golden era of growth and chases its glory, this collections aims to celebrate our members — the leaders at the heart of this growth story.

Only a few limited masterpieces will ever be part this collections, making each piece a gem that will never be replicated.

For those who own it, it’s a testament to their individuality and their contribution to the GrowthX legacy.

Product Description

Coffee for those war rooms!
10 bags of hot brews for your spiced up mornings

Enjoy a potpourri of spices in your Hot Brew? The Pumpkin Spice is just the thing for your taste buds. Enjoy the richness of the pumpkin flavour with a blend of clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, and much more in the season's limited edition Hot Brew.

Whip up a Pumpkin Spiced Latte because this one certainly tastes best with milk!

Brewing Convenience: Just add hot water over the dip bag, let it brew for 5 minutes to enjoy a delicately balanced cup

Rich Arabica Flavor: The coffee bag contains 100% Arabica ground coffee that brews a rich & smooth cup

Fall-Inspired Delight: Drink it as black coffee or add milk & sugar

Multiple Servings: Each Coffee Bag has 10g of ground coffee. You can easily make 10 strong cups of hot brew coffee.