Desk Kit - Laptop Edition

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Originally sold for ₹14,995, this set is specially curated for GrowthX members.

Transform your workspace with this 5-piece luxury desk set. This was the winner of the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award in 2022 and is everything you need for a home or an executive office. 

The desk set has been custom designed to give your workspace a total makeover. The harmonious design system solves ergonomics while bringing about supercharged productivity during work mode. 

The set-up includes:
1. Anywhere Laptop Stand
2. Hand-on Mobile Stand
3. Suede Desk Rug
4. Exhibit Desk Organiser
5. Wire Governor


Black Oak: Solid Natural Oak, Space Grade Aluminium (black matt finish)


NOOE is a love letter to modern work; to celebrate the creative grind. Their aesthetic is modern emotive silhouettes mixed with really exceptional materials. Neetica[Co-Founder, NOOE] has spent most of her career in Copenhagen, designing furniture. Piyush[Co-Founder, NOOE] has spent his last decade in Delhi consulting on branding & design. They together founded NOOE in 2021 & have since won the Red Dot Design Award 2022.

All online orders are shipped directly from their warehouses in the East Coast (NJ, USA), Venlo (Netherlands) & Delhi (India).

You can find the original listing here to know more about the product. 

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